Career Planning&College Application

Career Planning,Apply for College

Solution Brief

(1) a one-stop career service platform integrating subject selection guidance, career planning, career experience and volunteer application; (2) suitable for the new college entrance examination region and school teaching resource evaluation, career curr

Solution Description

I. Characteristics

(1) a one-stop career service platform integrating subject selection guidance, career planning, career experience and volunteer application;
(2) suitable for the new college entrance examination region and school teaching resource evaluation, career curriculum system, career training materials, teacher training and other systematic solutions;
(3) cooperate with authorities to develop a complete career evaluation system, which is more suitable for China's general high school students, has accumulated 300,000 data norms;
(4) the exclusive cooperation with China's statistical publishing house to establish career big data platform, from the perspective of career will university, professional, professional, industry data connection knowledge base;
(5) cooperate with many famous enterprises to provide live courses and on-the-spot professional experience for employees;
6) the platform has served more than 1 million students from more than 1,000 schools to complete the course selection and career planning guidance;

II. Service object and value

1. Assisted education competent authorities in comprehensively sorting out the teaching resource information of the schools under their jurisdiction, predicting potential risks and assisting in policy formulation
Education competent departments can evaluate career education maturity and teaching resource gap through the platform system, make reasonable policies and optimize process management methods.
2. Provided the school with career planning platform, teacher training courses and school-based teaching materials, and planned the top-level design of class teaching
The school can use the platform and curriculum system to effectively improve the comprehensive ability and teaching effect of career planning teaching.Enhance the pertinence of career and course selection guidance, highlight the practicality and characteristics of career education.
3. Helped students to evaluate their self-understanding through systematization, and guided them to select subjects for the new college entrance examination and fill in the voluntary forms
Students can systematically understand the relationship between major, university, occupation and other external information and the significance of subject selection, and strengthen their in-depth understanding of the gao xin examination and their ability, interest and comprehensive quality.Recognize future career development through vocational experience courses and practice

III. Module introduction

(1) career evaluation

- for the new college entrance examination, jointly developed with senior career experts a career evaluation system centering on the maturity test of subject selection, which is more suitable for ordinary high school students in China
, after two years college entrance examination reform in school a lot of new research, with the Holland vocational interest theory, career development theory of super pond, the career of the SaWeiKe constructivism, peterson career information processing theory, trent and brown social cognitive career theory and career project experts hope theory as the foundation, and combining the reality of Chinese high school students development.
- based on the norm analysis of the evaluation data of 300,000 students, more accurate response to the impact of group changes and regional changes on the evaluation results
Based on the evaluation data of 300,000 students in grade one and grade two in several provinces in the platform, the norm was established, and the evaluation scale and constant modulus data were continuously optimized and updated with the increase of the students participating in the evaluation.
- provide a variety of dimensional system diagnosis, really help students to solve the real themselves
Comprehensive consideration is given to students' cognition of the importance of subject selection and gao xin's examination, as well as their in-depth understanding of their own abilities, interests and comprehensive qualities.Influence and significance of external factors, such as university, major, occupation, and subject selection.
Provide targeted analysis and advice to help students achieve their goals and achieve their best

(2) subject selection guidance

The knowledge base composed of a large number of subject selection guidance content resources and question and answer community can be used as a favorable supplement to the course selection guidance of school life
4 years of course selection guidance content accumulation, both carefully collected macro policy interpretation, but also the course to help produce professional cognitive courses and course selection experience sharing.The expert team in the interactive community can solve all kinds of problems in the course selection process of students at any time.Systematization and all-round improvement of students' cognitive understanding of career course selection.

(3) volunteer to fill in

- exclusively authorized by the national bureau of statistics statistical publishing house, detailed data on the professional strength and comprehensive ranking of national universities and colleges in the past 15 years
National colleges and universities, including private colleges and universities, have been specializing in specialty and teaching quality for nearly 16 years.Personnel training, scientific research, social impact and other data tracking.Provide authoritative basis for students to choose a school.
- support the simulation of parallel volunteer application and score line estimation under the new college entrance examination mode
It includes detailed data of college enrollment in recent years and professional score line, and supports the analysis and simulation of parallel volunteer filling under the new college entrance examination model, and supports the estimation of score line.
- provide cross-sectional comparative analysis of college majors, quantify the decision-making process of major and school selection
A comprehensive comparison of the indicators and scores of the same or different majors in two schools can visually present the comparison results.

(4)?career experience

- online live courses for high-end practitioners of well-known companies
Each academic year, more than 80% of positions and majors in 8-10 fields are covered by personal statement, vivid explanation, answering questions and solving doubts, so as to provide students with better cognitive experience.
- a large number of students practice award-winning works and share their career exploration experience from the perspective of peers
Students from famous universities all over the country share their professional experience and practice results. They work in different fields, different industries, and different positions. Innovative practice and simulation recruitment of outstanding students are applied for.
- visiting, learning and practicing world-renowned enterprises
Planning practical activities deep into the reality of well-known enterprises, systematic hands-on experience of the daily work of practitioners, can better understand the feelings of the practitioners, has reached a deeper degree of recognition of the occupation

(5) Career big data

The knowledge base of career planning practitioners collects authoritative data released by the national bureau of statistics, and describes the interactive flow trend and relationship among occupations, disciplines and professions
Using big data analysis method, combined with industry data, practitioner data, graduate data of college students, and macro data of the whole people, summarized and mined value information

(6) Guidance on academic planning

- continue to track students' school exams according to the subject selection volunteers, improve their management ability of academic subjects, and achieve the phased goals of career planning
- give full play to the advantages of the course to enrich the academic content resources, tap the potential and improve the score effectively, and keep students close to their senior high school goals
- to help students cope with the various stages of the college entrance examination and enrollment under the new policy

(7) walking class & teaching resource evaluation